Nekro altar for money


* Laura Diamond - Nekro altar for Money *
This altar symbolizes the attraction of money with Icelandic magical staves

- Nábrókarstafur:
A stave used when making necropants ( Nábrok) a pair of pants
made from skin of a dead man.
You have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after
his dead.
Are capable of producing an endless supply of money.
- Thief detective stave:
This stave should be placed inconspicuously beneath the threshould
and he who retreats or turns back is guilty, otherwise not.

Made from scratch with wood , lava stones , feathers and raven feathers , wax , human hair , leather , icelandic moss , minerals ,other materials and lot of aging processes.
size model is 27 x 14 cmt. in a glass dome.
Included is a parchment with information about the staves of the nekro altar.
One of a kind.
Limited editionand Signed.

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