Nekro altar for love


* Laura Diamond - Nekro altar for Love *
This altar symbolizes the love with Icelandic magical staves

- Stave to win the love:
Inscribe this stave with blood from your left nipple and have the
person you love sleep near it overnight.
You will no need to entreat again.

- May your bones feel as though you are:
Can be used to create love from a woman to a man.
So a man can use this to make a particular woman fall in love with

Made from scratch with wood , lava stones , feathers and raven feathers , wax , human hair , leather , icelandic moss , minerals ,other materials and lot of aging processes.
size model is 27 x 14 cmt. in a glass dome.
Included is a parchment with information about the staves of the nekro altar.
One of a kind.
Limited editionand Signed.

Coming Soon