Icelandic love and protection staves jacket SALE!! 250€/125€


Laura Diamond "Icelandic love and protection staves jacket" are made queality faux leather with real leather touch and handmade painted ombre black to red and full of staves.
-Vegvísir: Carry this stave with you and you will hardly ever lose
your way in a storm or die of exposure and will find your way
even if you are unfamiliar with a place.
-To win the love of a person: You should write this on parchment
and have it with you always and people will love you very much.

*Sleeve of Protection:
-Sorcery prevention.
-Against all witchery
-Return to sender harmful message.
-Staves of protection against evil spirits.
-Against foreboding when you go into the darkness.
-Protection from embarrassment.
-Stave to defend against sorcery.

*Sleeve of Love:
-Love stave.
-To enchant and win the love.
-Rose of love.
-Winning a love.
-To win the love.
-Luck in love.

Measurements aprox:

Bust: 95cmt.
Waist: 83 cmt.
sleeves: 63 cmt.
Large: 57 cmt.