Fringed jacket SALE!! 250€/125€


Laura Diamond " fringed jacket" are made queality faux leather with real leather touch and stained gunmetal leather.
Vegvísir prints in chest and Óttastafur in the back.
Full of longs fringes in body and sleeves.
Chains in both sides.
In the zipper it has a black magnetized quartz pendulum.

*Vegvísir: Carry this stave with you and you will hardly ever lose your way in a storm or die of exposure and will find your way even if you are unfamiliar with a place.

*Óttastafur: Fear stave , used to cause fear in the wearer's enemies.

Measurements aprox:

Bust: 90 cmt.
shouders: 80 cmt.
sleeves: 61cmt.
Large: Front: 12 cmt. Back: 27 cmt.
Fringes:45 cmt. aprox.